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Naruto Essay: Post Naruto Chapter 387

~The Fate and Character of Sasuke Uchiha~

It is high time for some explosive action!

There are a few topics I would like to cover in this post. I have spent a lot of time talking about Itachi and I am still interested in Itachi as a character but I would like to spend a little more time talking about Sasuke.

Review of chapter 387:
In chapter 387, Sasuke preambles his attack with the assertion that it is at last time to accomplish his goal. Itachi responds that Sasuke cannot win without the Mangekyou Sharingan and that his "reality" of Itachi's death is merely an illusion. Sasuke says nothing to this, but in his heart he feels the fire of his desire to win. When Sasuke speaks, it is to tell Itachi that despite Itachi's eyes, Sasuke will turn his illusion into reality-- through the power of his hatred.

And so they fight. We learn that Itachi can see, predict, and counter all of Sasuke's moves. Itachi is FAST, seemingly able to do two things almost at once. We also learned that Sasuke has a few surprising moves of his own. Sasuke surprises Itachi when he blocks Itachi's clones with a snake shield and again when he saws through the shoulder of Itachi's close using a giant shuriken infused with Chidoro. However, Itachi uses Sasuke's victory to his advantage. His clones don't puff into smoke when they are defeated. Instead they break apart and scatter as a flock of shadow birds. Using his Mangekyou, Itachi is able to distract Sasuke with these birds long enough to seize the advantage and kick Sasuke into the wall. Sasuke tries to counter Itachi's next attack by forming a Chidori, but Itachi masters Sasuke by seizing his wrist and slamming his hand into the wall. The earth absorbs the Chidori until it fizzles into nothing (possibly jolting Sasuke). Itachi then steps on Sasuke's foot, punches him in the gut and traps him against the wall where he can't form hand signs. Itachi squeezes his fingers around Sasuke's eye and calmly tells Sasuke that this is his reality. He will have the light. The chapter ends with a scream.

Essay: Sasuke Uchiha Fate and Characterization

One of the more interesting things in this chapter is Sasuke's belief that hatred is his trump card. He seems to be operating under the assumption that passion will earn him a victory. Perhaps Sasuke believes he will win because he deserves to. He has hated his brother with a murderous rage and has sunk himself into darkness in order to temper his body into a cold, deadly weapon with one purpose. He has come here to satisfy his feeling. Itachi is a cold, lying, murderous betrayer. Itachi should suffer defeat from a righteous avenger with real hatred in his heart. What happens after that is irrelevant. Sasuke must defeat and destroy his brother.

A lot of readers seem to think Sasuke can't lose. Coming into this battle, many people assumed that Sasuke would win simply because he's Sasuke. Some feel this way because they believe that Kishimoto favors Sasuke and will preserve him above all other characters. Others believe that Sasuke has suffered too much to suffer more, or will win because he has lived his entire life—even sacrificing his friends and his future—for this moment.

I'm not convinced that Kishimoto favors Sasuke. I also don't believe he has any reason to preserve him. Regardless of whether you hate him or love him, Sasuke is well characterized. Sasuke's character has been consistent since the beginning of the manga. People who hate Sasuke seem to dislike him for the same reasons that characters in the manga dislike him, which speaks highly of Kishimoto's characterization. Shikamaru dislikes Sasuke. Even Naruto thinks Sasuke is arrogant and closed off, and Naruto can't stand that everything seems so easy for Sasuke and that he doesn't have to work as hard as other people.

Nothing has changed. Sasuke was a "genius" and still is. He learns fast. He seems to have a disproportionate amount of skills and abilities and always has. Every time Naruto learns something new, Sasuke learns ten and sprints ahead. Sasuke is gifted. He is an object of admiration and fear. That is, after all, why Orochimaru wanted his body. I don't understand why Sasuke's seeming-superiority surprises anybody. It is intertwined with the themes of the manga.

Sasuke's sense of entitlement has come around to bite him in this chapter. Like a lot of gifted people, Sasuke takes his abilities for granted. He thought he could win with passion and determination, but that is not enough to beat a genius. Sasuke was caught by surprise by someone who is even more gifted than he is. Itachi owned Sasuke in this chapter.

Can Kishimoto possibly have Itachi take Sasuke's eye?

YES! I do not think Kishimoto would hesitate to disfigure Sasuke, not for the right reason. And the right reason would be in the aid of telling a killer story. It is not just drama. Kishimoto has set up this up very carefully. The purpose of all that has happened for the past 20-50 chapters is orchestrated to get us to understand Sasuke and sympathize with his character (for those who don't already). However, before we can legitimately like Sasuke, we have to know him fully, the bad as well as the good. To this end, Kishimoto purposely encourages his audience to dislike Sasuke first (as a person) by emphasizing all of his worst traits: cockiness, arrogance, ridiculous growth, emotional unavailability, etc. By the time Sasuke enters a real battle, we are hungry to see Sasuke the Wonder Boy fail, but then Kishimoto reveals a character that is monumentally worse than Sasuke has ever been—Itachi. When Itachi reveals the full depths of his motivations and ambition (taking his brother's eyes) we are presented with a character actually worth our contempt. Between Sasuke's pretension and Itachi's cold, diabolical selfishness, we start to think that maybe Sasuke should win after all. He may be annoying, but at least he's not a demon. But Kishi isn't done yet. Just when we start hoping Sasuke will win, he has the character we genuinely hate—Itachi—physically mutilate the character we were just coming around to like.

Kishimoto has used this tactic over and over for anyone who has been paying attention. It works. It is good story-telling because it brings us to sympathize with a character at the precise moment when sympathy is required. I really admire Kishimoto's ability to do that.

Let's face it. Torturing Sasuke is kind of fun and exciting. I love to torture characters. The thrill in writing creative fiction is in touching people in a way that affects them--to make them angry, disturbed, happy, or sad over an invented reality. The reason? I personally want readers to learn something about empathy and what it means to understand others and be decent people in the world. I think Kishimoto shares my penchant for this.

We don't know for sure if Sasuke has lost an eye. He might be screaming in anticipation. It could be another genjutsu—possibly Itachi's. Itachi might be interrupted. Or perhaps it is even Itachi who is screaming.

Whatever the outcome of this last chapter, it would make sense for Sasuke to fail ultimately. For one thing, the story would be more intense if Itachi escapes, and REALLY intense if he takes one or both of Sasuke's eyes. He has been a major villain since the beginning—before Orochimaru even—and I would like him to stick around until the end of the story as one of the last standing baddies.

Also, if Naruto is a coming to age story (which most Young Adult stories are), it makes sense that Sasuke will be disabused of the idealistic notion that good conquers evil. Believing that he will win because of hatred is juvenile. Passion certainly counts for something, but there is no Goddess of Fortune manipulating the stars that is going "side" with Sasuke because he is a "good" guy. Either he is strong enough to win or he isn't. And even if Sasuke is strong enough, strength is not a guarantee. Sasuke is not deserving of victory or justice. If he doesn't MAKE it happen, it won't, and hate alone won't do it. Besides, Itachi may be right. Without the Mangekyou Sharingan, Sasuke doesn't stand a chance.

Which will bring Sasuke to another interesting crossroads. If he does keep his eyes…or one eye…and lives to fight again, how deep into darkness will he sink to destroy his brother? If he sinks deeply enough, will he become like Itachi is now? Desperate for "light" that is as metaphorical as it is physical?

Of course, there is still a chance that Sasuke will win this fight. After all, he hasn't gone CS2 yet, or used "that jutsu," and it is too soon for the fight to be over. We don't even know for sure that it is Sasuke screaming. The question is, when it DOES end, and however it ends, what will become of Sasuke?

I think that Kishimoto will continue to move in the direction of making Sasuke sympathetic. For every negative trait that Sasuke has (arrogant, being an aloof jerk, impatient and impetuous, closed off, depressed…) we will see a deeper layer. We have already learned that Sasuke secretly thought of Naruto as his friend. We have also learned that Sasuke has been jealous of Naruto, even when he seemed cock-sure of his own superiority. It stands to reason that we will also see more a crystallized truth of Sasuke's character.

I believe that Sasuke has a deep, innate fear of relationships, especially close, trusting relationships, and love most of all. For someone who was betrayed by the one he loved and trusted most, who has lost everything and everyone he cared about, Sasuke is not only living in a place of pain, but unable to see a future.

Sasuke may believe that he is keeping others at bay because he needs to focus on killing Itachi. He may tell himself that he abandoned Konoha because he can't allow himself to be complacent or distracted, and that may be true, but it isn't the whole reason.

I suspect that Sasuke is unwilling to let anyone get close. The moment he starts to feel that he is forming a bond, his compulsion is to break it before it can break him. When Sasuke first learned that Itachi came to Konoha looking for Naruto, Sasuke's first thought wasn't to kill Itachi. It was to save Naruto. He spent his time looking for Naruto. He only resorted to fighting Itachi when it became clear that he had to.

It occurs to me that we may be misinterpreting Sasuke's feelings during these scenes, and also during the events that followed. Itachi uses Tsukiyomi on Sasuke to remind him of the Uchiha massacre, the day Sasuke lost everyone, and Sasuke slips into unconsciousness following this attack. When Naruto visits him in the hospital after he comes to (thanks to Tsunade), we see Sasuke with Sakura, neither of them speaking, but it feels like something was said, and whatever it was, it caused awkwardness or hurt Sakura's feelings. When Naruto shows up, Sasuke becomes further enraged. I interpreted this originally as Sasuke's jealously, namely that Itachi was more interested in Naruto than in Sasuke, or because Sasuke was grasping for someone on whom to take out his feelings in the wake of suffering a horrible defeat at his brother's hands. This may be the correct interpretation, but there may be more to it. Sasuke purposely tries to antagonize Naruto and this leads to the fight on the rooftop. It is only after they fight that Sasuke realizes that Naruto's growth has outstripped his own and becomes depressed. When the Sound Ninja extend an invitation, Sasuke departs from Konoha…assumingly to chase his revenge.

Maybe Sasuke believes that revenge is his only reason for leaving Konoha. It is certainly one reason, but I also think it is only part of the truth. It is possible that when Naruto's life was put in danger by Itachi, Sasuke realized that he had formed a bond—a strong bond he didn't mean to form, one he was willing to risk his life to protect, and one that Itachi almost took away...again. It occurs to me that Sasuke's run-in with Itachi may have been bleakly terrifying, not only because of the past, but because it reminded Sasuke that he could lose everything again in the present. Subsequently, Sasuke pushes Sakura away from him. And when Naruto shows up, his emotions fragment and he starts insulting Naruto with every piece of ammunition he's got. He wants to fight Naruto, but refuses to acknowledge him as worth fighting, and he almost tries to kill him. Naruto thinks Sasuke's "superior" behavior is strange. Jiraiya and Kakashi call it immature. Perhaps Sasuke knew exactly what he was doing. He had the intention of breaking his bond with Naruto, and when it failed, he tried again at the Valley of the End.

In other words, Sasuke didn't abandon Konoha because he thought he was better than all of them. He didn't abandon Konoha because he thought Konoha was weak. Although he definitely wanted the power to kill his brother, and although he surely felt that Orochimaru had something valuable to teach him in that respect, that isn't the only thing that matters to Sasuke. Sasuke realized he had become friends with Naruto and cared about Sakura. And then Itachi threatened that, which scared him to the core of his being. Sasuke didn't leave Konoha in search of power so much as he left Konoha simply to get out of there. He wanted to run away. And when his friends came after him, he threatened their lives, even though doing so would do nothing to help him achieve his goal of killing Itachi. It might, however, keep them safe.

Sasuke is afraid of bonds. He is afraid of friendship, afraid of love, afraid of family and the deep, horrible pain those kinds of relationships can cause when they are lost. Sasuke sought hate and darkness to keep other—more painful—feelings away. He is cold, arrogant and unapproachable because that is the best defense against people. If you hate Sasuke, then Sasuke is succeeding (and so is Kishimoto in characterizing him). Sasuke wants people to hate him. He clings to hate because it is the only way to feel alive and still feel relatively safe. He might feel that he only needs to maintain it long enough to kill Itachi. After that…well after that he has another choice to make.

As for Naruto, I believe that Kishimoto is being very strategic about Naruto's character development, which includes his growth. Naruto will get his time in the spotlight, but we really shouldn't see him shine until we see what is at stake. Sasuke's story has to be established first. The story of everyone Naruto stands to affect has to be developed first. Naruto true gift is his ability to influence people. Naruto is charismatic, determined, and good-hearted. The sheer amount of life in his personality brings light (real light)—and hope—to others. Naruto's abilities can't peak too soon. My suspicion in that Kishimoto is setting up a domino effect. Naruto is the catalyst, and when he does make his move, the entire world of the ninja will change.

Source: Link to this essay (Sasuke Uchiha) on my journal-link me!

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Feb. 2nd, 2008 12:25 pm (UTC)
You've hit the nail on the head with Sasuke. That is the view of his character I've had for a while now, and I think it's an accurate one. For me, all three members of Team 7 were characters I did not like initially. As I worked my way through the manga (so long ago ...), I constantly re-evaluated their personalities. They grew, and my liking for them grew exponentially. These days people who I talk to frequently hear me proclaim my love for Team 7, but I mean it in utter seriousness everytime I say it. I love these three characters because I've grown to know, understand and empathise with their good and their bad over a long period of time. Sasuke included.

Sasuke IS afraid of gaining, because he is afraid of losing. This brings to mind one of the lines he said to Naruto during the VotE, "You, who never had family or siblings to begin with, wouldn't understand". (I'm writing this from my vague memory, so it's not accurate.) When I first read this line, all I could think about was how much it must've cut Naruto, and how horrible Sasuke was for saying it, but now I think he definitely had a point. While both Naruto and Sasuke are, by their genin days, essentially alone, there's a huge difference in that Sasuke knows what it is like to literally lose everything you have overnight, and Naruto doesn't. He knows what it is to be lacking, certainly, but he does not know what it is to be lacking, and afraid of gaining because you are haunted by the memory of losing. Where Naruto was constantly reaching out a hand, Sasuke was always stuffing his back into his empty pocket. Hence, Sasuke's actions in leaving Konoha. His choice in members for Team Hebi are also significant in that they are all people who will follow his orders, but who are not attached to him (I think Karin's behaviour, which seems to be a typical reaction to Sasuke's looks, doesn't count at this point in time; it's completely undeveloped when you compare it to Sakura's feelings) and who (he thinks) will not become attached to him. Where Team 7 was a family, Team Hebi is pure business. That is how I feel anyway. It may be subject to change, considering Juugo, Karin and Suigetsu are interesting characters who still have plenty of room for development.

Another reason for Sasuke's behaviour, I think, is his inability to accept himself. That night in the silent Uchiha complex taught him despair, amongst other things. I think Sasuke, for all his arrogance, can't accept why Naruto is trying so hard to take him back to Konoha. Sasuke cannot accept himself, and hence he cannot accept other people.

As for Sasuke's eyes ... well, I'm placing no bets here but I think Sasuke losing one or both of his eyes is an entirely plausible outcome. It definitely would give the story a new twist, a open up a lot of doors. Still though, S-Sasuke. ;_;

(Ack, it's late and I don't think I articulated myself as well as I would have hoped to up there, but I hope I somehow made sense.)

Deleted and reposted so I could edit to add some stuff.
Feb. 3rd, 2008 02:27 am (UTC)
I am absolutely with you on Team 7. I think Kishimoto is brilliant for developing characters that ALL start off annoying and gradually grow on you (as real people do). I have heard a lot of people say that they don't like Naruto because they don't like the main character (i.e. naruto) but also don't watch enough of the series to witness his character and growth. Contrastingly, Sasuke started out as the "draw" character with the good looks and cool attitude and angsty path, but with his arrogance and confused values, people started questioning how cool he really was. However, I think Kishi loves all his characters and will show all of their good sides before the end, including Sasuke's ^^
Feb. 2nd, 2008 05:52 pm (UTC)
That was an amazing essay. It's always interesting to read about Sasuke, the good, the bad and the ugly. I admit I'm a huge Sasuke fan because I find it easy to empathise with him.
So far I too thought that Sasuke would win this battle with Itachi. But after reading ch. 387, I feel that Sasuke is definitely going to lose - not just the fight but his eye as well, because he hasn't yet realized what true power and strength is. Long back, when fighting against Gaara, Naruto said that you are strong only when you have someone precious to protect. It was this belief that has made Naruto prevail against stronger foes and rivals, against Gaara, against Neji, even against Orochimaru to an extent.

Itachi is not capable of love. And it is here that he will prove himself inferior to Sasuke. Sasuke has immense capacity for love. It was this that led him to stand between Naruto and Haku's senbon; and that rendered him unable to kill Naruto in the Valley of the End. Sasuke has to realize that love is stronger than hate. His desire to protect Naruto will give him the power that hatred alone could not give him.

As for Itachi plucking out his eye, I'm not too worried. If the worst comes to pass, there's always Kakashi hanging on to Obito's eye. Wouldn't it be great if Kakashi decided to give that eye (back) to Sasuke?
Feb. 3rd, 2008 02:23 am (UTC)
Thank you! I am happy that you enjoyed reading it.

You are right that Sasuke needs to think over his values and decide what is really worth fighting for.

I'm not sure that Itachi isn't capable of love. I might have said the same of Zabuza, but then he changed when Haku died. I'm not holding my breath for Itachi though -_-.

I did think about Kakashi's eye as a replacement for Sasuke's. Or maybe he could take his original eyes back.

Feb. 2nd, 2008 10:37 pm (UTC)
Histoy Repeats Itself? Sasuke's Inevitable Suffering!

Except for "Pein and Suffering" I have thourougly read your previous journal entries and I must first and foremost say, your indepth analysis of the narutoverse is very well done.

This is mostly theorizing. Chapter 388 pending.
Something that bothered me was the title for the upcoming chapter, "Fierce Conclusion". With such a short fight and really nothing to be gained for Itachi from this, I find it difficult for this not to be anything other than an untimely conclusion.

“Come to the Uchiha hideout alone. We’ll end this there.” Is this really the end. When Itachi molests the eye of his cornered younger brother... Guaahh... rings in my mind as a "setting of the table" for 388,Is it truly the end of the fight?

I really do not know. The only conclusion I could come up with if Itachi's characterization remains consistent is that This is the end of the fight. Although Sasuke will not lose any of his eyes for the sole purpose that the container is not fully developed in Itachi's eyes, Itachi will once again use the Mangekyou on him as he has repeatedly done in the past and leave Sasuke in state where he will fall even more deeply into darkness, this time desiring to achieve The Mangekyou Sharingan.

I was led to this conclusion by the simply reading further into Naruto's and Itachi's most recent confrontation. Upon Itachi hearing that Naruto's belief that he is more of a brother to Sasuke than Itachi will ever be... *Itachi smirks*. This led me to believe that Itachi believes (knowing naruto's abilty as stated by the fifth Hokage, Chiyo, Kakashi and others) there is still a glimmer of hope that Sasuke has not severed all bonds with his friend thus there still is a chance he will be able to the Mangekyou Sharingan, futther seeing his plans come to fruition.
Itachi know Naruto's character (to sasori concerning the jinchuri, "he will scream and attack first") and Sasuke's personality.
In my opinion, his plans have yet to be unaltered

Feb. 2nd, 2008 10:50 pm (UTC)
Re: Histoy Repeats Itself? Sasuke's Inevitable Suffering!
His plans have yet to be altered.
Feb. 2nd, 2008 10:52 pm (UTC)
Re: Histoy Repeats Itself? Sasuke's Inevitable Suffering!
I aoplogize. I meant to say, "His plans have yet to be altered."
Feb. 3rd, 2008 02:18 am (UTC)
Re: Histoy Repeats Itself? Sasuke's Inevitable Suffering!
"Fierce Conclusion" bothers me too, but I think it is a sign of the battle ending, but not necessarily the war. It makes me feel that it is even more likely for Sasuke to lose an eye, though O_O. That, or the fight will be interrupted and characters will disperse.

I really like your interpretation of the Itachi/Naruto encounter and Itachi's smirk. I think that fits really well with the evidence. You are probably right. Perhaps Itachi won't even take Sasuke's eyes. Maybe Sasuke is in a genjutsu (caught between the time Itachi's clone poofed into crows and when Itachi kicked Sasuke into the wall) and Itachi means to leave him until he has the MS

Guess we'll see O_O
Feb. 3rd, 2008 02:43 am (UTC)
Re: Histoy Repeats Itself? Sasuke's Inevitable Suffering!
It makes sense at the same time, it's kishimoto's story. Afterall, the windmill Shuriken that Sasuke threw could have been a kagebushin as he has seen naruto do in the past... making that scream Itachi being plunged through with the Chidori Nagashi.
Who knows. I look forward to Chapter 388 and More of your analysis.
Also zapenstap, As I mentioned above, I was so impressed with your dissecting of the naruto characters/world and placing it together in such a rational sense that I had to make an account. It would be a pleasure to have you as a friend so that I can read as you update your journals.
Thanks zapenstap, No longer anonymous:)
Feb. 3rd, 2008 04:20 am (UTC)
Re: Histoy Repeats Itself? Sasuke's Inevitable Suffering!


Can I ask where you found my journal posts from if you don't have an lj account?

Feb. 3rd, 2008 06:18 am (UTC)
Re: Histoy Repeats Itself? Sasuke's Inevitable Suffering!
No problem. I attempted to find the the discussion that made a reference to two of your links, that is, Chapter 386 Discussion and Itachi Overview... there was no success. I think the threads have been deleted already. It was posted in a msn thread under the group title "Naruto Manga Returns". If I find it I will send you the site
Soon my site will have some substance.
Feb. 3rd, 2008 06:45 am (UTC)
Re: Histoy Repeats Itself? Sasuke's Inevitable Suffering!
I'm glad I asked! I know of the site, so no need to send me the link. Are you a member there or did you find the link through some kind of search? I'm just curious.
Feb. 3rd, 2008 12:20 am (UTC)
Once again, you nailed it. I won't summarize back at you your own essay, but it definitely articulated what I had a vague awareness of and gave me more to think about in regards to Sasuke's motives, self-awareness, and his continuing journey. Thanks for your thoughts, it's really helping me shape my views on the Uchiha.
Feb. 3rd, 2008 02:14 am (UTC)
Thank you very much! I'm happy to have shed some light on the Uchiha. I should write essays on some of the other characters too, lol. One thing at a time. Thank you again for reading. I really appreciate your comments. ^^
Feb. 4th, 2008 07:18 pm (UTC)
I'm in full agreement with just about everything you've touched upon in this essay. Sasuke has always been my favorite character because he is, in my opinion, one of the most complex of the series. As much as we want him to win his battle with his past so we can see what he does with his future, I think it's so much more intriguing and true to life that he would lose this battle against Itachi. Itachi hasn't been built up the way he has to be cast off now like Orochimaru was; I believe he will, in the end, be defeated, but I think it will be when Sasuke's realized he can not solely rely on his "hate" to get the job done. And I think Naruto will be apart of the process, as he's always been.

I doubt Kishimoto would go so far as to have Sasuke loose both of his eyes, but I think it's genius for Itachi to leave with at least one. If, that is in fact what's actually happening at the end of this chapter (as you said, it could be genjutsu), I have a feeling Kakashi will come into play somehow.

As for Sasuke and his affinity for forming bonds? I agree with this one-hundred percent. That's how I've always interpreted his actions. It's a nice reminder to see that when Itachi first appeared Sasuke's first thought was that of Naruto's safety. Although it can be presumed that Sasuke probably wondered why Itachi came after Naruto, it doesn't appear to be in the forefront of his mind when he's searching for Naruto and then fights with Itachi. It isn't until we see him waking up in the hospital that this percularity probably occured to him.

I think there's still a lot more to be explained about the other members of Team Hebi to be sure, but I also speculate that Sasuke (and Suigetsu, at least) sees them as purely business. We know that Suigetsu was a test subject that Sasuke "rescued." It's presumed that they had met before we met him, but under what circumstances and how often I wonder? We know that Juugo went to Orochimaru looking for a cure to his disease and Kimimaro was the only one (until Sasuke) who was able to control his killing impulses. We know that Karin was loyal to Orochimaru, has or pretends to have mood swings, and that she did "something" to Sasuke at one point.

Out of all of Team Hebi, Karin is the one I'm perplexed by the most. If she was so loyal to Orochimaru, why is she willingly out parading with his murderer? And her switch in moods.... Personally, I think the fangirl attitude is a bit of a front and she has a more hidden agenda. But that's a discussion for another day considering how off topic I've gotten to now.

Anyway, fabulous job on the essay! Now I'm even more excited to see what occurs in the next chapter!

April ^_~

P.S. A while ago you had asked me if I had been a member of the FruityGroup ML. Yup, I was, and that's where I recognized your name from. I always enjoyed your posts over there, so I'm glad to see your thoughts in the Naruto fandom now :D
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